About Graham and this blog

Graham Cheesman was Director of the Centre for Theological Education in Belfast for the five years of its life-time (see www.theologicaleducation.org ). Before that, he was a Baptist minister in England, a missionary lecturer in Nigeria for seven years and then the principal of Belfast Bible College, a constituent college of the Queens University Belfast, for seventeen years. He is presently working for the European Evangelical Accrediting Association, is an honorary lecturer of Queens University and supervises doctoral students. His recent travels include various countries of Europe and the world, but especially Africa, to teach and promote good theological education and he is involved in constructing a post-graduate course in theological education at London School of Theology. He is the author of three books and a number of articles.

This blog is designed to encourage good theological education by posting quick to read, pithy articles which are fun to read but which also contain important issues for those who teach theology. I hope you will sign up for the email alert so you can read each new post as it is uploaded. Enjoy.

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