Dear reader

This blog, after about 9 years of monthly posts is moving to a more relaxed rather than formal regular posting pattern.

It has been a great privilege to post so regularly for so long and hopefully help theological educators think about and enjoy their calling. In addition to the 290 or so regular subscribers, after the blog was established, it has been read by those in over a hundred different countries in the world each year. I am humbled by this and thank you all for your interest and encouragement so far.

I will continue to post at times and will keep all the previous posts available since many have found them useful to send to others or as discussion starters for their students.

God Bless,


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7 Comments on “Dear reader”

  1. Roger McKay Says:

    Graham, thank you so much for all the work that has gone in to bringing us your thoughts and perspectives over the last 9 years.

    It is much appreciated and I look forward to your next one, whenever it comes.


    Roger McKay


  2. Liam Hanna Says:

    Always one of my first reads, Graham – whenever I see one in my email in-box.

    Your thoughts have been a great blessing to me down the years and I have regularly shared your ideas with students (always according yourself due credit, of course!).

    May our Father in Heaven continue to richly bless you.

    Kind Regards,


    Director of Academic Development
    Regents Theological College
    West Malvern
    WR14 1AY

  3. Dorothy Anderson Says:

    Although no longer even serving theological educators, I have welcomed your monthly posts, which often have a relevance beyond TE. Please keep me on your list!

  4. It’s been great for me, though I’m no theology educator, many lesson applied to my role in ministry. Especially the “builder in the heart”.

    Very helpful. Andy.

  5. Dr Patrick J S Brittenden Says:

    Like the others who have commented, I am so grateful for your monthly blog, which are insightful, true and always encouraging. I have only had the privilege of being signed up for 2 or 3 years, but am thankful for your wisdom in that time. Please keep me on your list.
    Blessings and thanks again,
    Pat Brittenden

  6. KiwiAllan Says:

    There’s going to be a gap in thoughtful, stimulating and creative insights in my ongoingTE conceptualising and practice, Graham. At least we will have the archives to refer back to. And I look forward to continuing though more ad hoc input as the Spirit moves. Gratefully and blessings. Allan


    Many thanks Graham. I have really benefitted from your insightful ideas. They have blessed my teaching and my preaching. May God keep using you.

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